Day Spa Respite

Day Spa Respite

Thirty Six Oaks…now offering a Day Spa Respite

24 Hour Stay $295.00 for one or two guests
8 Hour Stay $175.00 for one or two guests

*You are welcome to book spa appointments as well from the a la carte menu.

Respite:  A short period of time when you are able to stop doing something that is difficult or unpleasant -an interval of rest or relief.

Create the opportunity to treat yourself to a respite at 36 Oaks Country Retreat.   Relax and refresh yourself, for all you do for others!  It’s time for us to care for you!

At 36 Oaks, nature is at the top of our list to begin healing.   You will start to feel her healing powers when you see squirrels playing in the trees or hearing the hawks calling as they soar above us.  You may see deer and turkeys wandering through or witness the hummingbirds as they gather sweet nectar from the flowers.  You deserve a respite that offers you this …and more!

Your respite can be custom created, maybe an hour break (feel free to bring in a lunch), maybe an all day stay. You may enjoy your respite time with or without spa treatments. Call or email for details.

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(The following is from Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson)

*Strength and inspiration can be found by retreating into the stillness that quiets the mind.  It is most important to know when and how to replenish your life force.

*Seek self empowerment in silence and inactivity, where you can access dreams and visions without the intrusions of worldly chaos.